MBA Computer Lab

The area of the lab is 126 sq mts. This lab has 64 computers among which 63 are users and 1 server. These are from Lenovo with P IV Processor with the following configuration: 63 computers are IBM with P IV Processor with 512 MB RAM and 80 GB HDD 1 server with 73 HDD, 4 GB RAM

This lab is used to handle Statistical Data Analysis, Annual Report Analysis, Personal Effectiveness, Success Story of an Entrepreneur and for documentation of various reports submitted by the students.

Library cum Reading Room :

The area of the Library cum Reading Room is 126 sq mts. This lab has 20 computers which are of Lenovo with Core 2 Duo processor with 2 GB RAM and 512 GB HDD. This lab is used for documentation, practice purpose and for Internet browsing. Along with this, News papers, Journals, Articles and magazines are provided for students to gain more knowledge