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Sangam Laxmibai was Deputy Minister for Education in the erstwhile state of Hyderabad in 1950's. Later, she was elected to the Lok Sabha for three consecutive terms in 1957, 1962 and 1967. In fact, she was the first woman parliamentarian from Andhra Pradesh. Till her death in 1979, she devoted all her time and resources for social and educational upliftment of girls and women.  She was a dedicated social worker and freedom fighter.  Along with her co-workers KV Ranga Reddy, A Shyamala Devi, P Lalitha Devi, Pasham Papaiah and M Bhoj Reddy, Laxmibai established Indra Seva Sadan Society in 1952 for achieving their objective of assisting women and girls.

Sangam Laxmibai, the founder-Secretary of the society, received unstinted and whole-hearted support from several organizations and individuals particularly from Ranga Reddy, the founder President and     Bhoj Reddy, the founder-Treasure of the society. After the death of Laxmibai in 1979, Bhoj Reddy discharged the responsibilities of the secretaryship upto 1990. Other individuals who have contributed for the development of the Vidyapeeth in its 50 years of existence are: Shankarji, K Madhava Reddy, Bojjam Narasimloo, B Ramdev, B Venkat Reddy, TV Narayana and S Mallappa - either as member of as office bearers of the sociery.

The incumbent members of Indira Seva Sadan Society, while lauding the invaluable services rendered to the society by Laxmibai, unanimously decided to change the name of the society from Indira Seva Sadan Society to Sangam Laxmibai Vidyapeeth in 2002, the golden jubilee year of the society.

The Objective of the society, as stated in the original, registered memorandum of association, are and still continue to be:

  1. to provide for pre-primary, primary and secondary education for girls, preferably through the mother tongue, and promote the physical, moral and intellectual development of women; and

  2. to promote in general the professional and technical education of women.

For attainment of the above objectives, the Vidyapeeth sponsored and managed several institutions and programmes during its 53 years of existence. Presently, it manages the following institutions which have been sponsored by itself:

  1. MH Gupta High School for Girls (1958)
  2. Sangam Laxmibai Junior College for Girls (1994)
  3. KV Ranga Reddy Degree College for Women (1994)
  4. Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women (1997)
  5. Bojjam Narasimlu College of Pharmacy for Women (Diploma) (2004)

The Vidyapeeth has a 2 acre piece of land of its own on the Santoshnagar Crossroads, Saidabad, wherein its own buildings are located, a part of the building is used by the Degree College, a part by the Vidyapeet's Office and a part is given on rent.

The State Government, after reviewing the performance of Vidyapeet, has given two pieces of government land, admeasuring 23 acers, on lease for a period of 99 years. The first piece of 8 acres in Sy Nos 45 & 60 which is adjacent to the Vidyapeet's own land at Santoshnagar crossroads and another piece of 15 acres in Sy No 206 at Saidabad.  In the second piece of land, the Vidyapeet has constructed the compound wall for entire 15 acres and also buildings for its High School, Junior College, Engineering College and Pharmacy College (Diploma).

  1. MH Gupta High School for Girls: Primary school was started in 1958 with 100 students and 7 teachers. It was upgrade into High School in 1963. The present strength of students is 950. The school is admitted to grant-in-aid schema of the State Government. It has 24 well ventilated and furnished rooms.

  2. Sangam Laxmibai Junior College for Girls: Junior College was established in 1994. The courses offered are BPC, MPC, CEC and MEC in english and telgu media. It was started with 100 students and the present strength is 400. The college is provided with 21 spacious, well furnished rooms which are sufficient for 400 students. The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology Departments are also well equipped. Its library has 2000 volumes. It is a self financing educational institution.

  3. KV Ranga Reddy Degree College for Women: Osmania University accorded permission in 1994 to start a degree college in the name of KV Ranga Reddy, with the strength of 150 students and traditional degree courses in MPC, BZC, Commerce, etc. With the advent of a large number of professional colleges in Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Veteinary Science, Architecture, etc the traditional courses of B Sc,B Com, and BA have lost their ground. However, several measures are being taken to strengthen the college. Presently, it has two degree courses: B Com(General) and B Com(Computer Science). The college is located in the Vidyapeeth's Santoshnagar Campus. The college has applied for starting two post-graduate degree courses: MBA and MCA.

  4. Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for women:  The engineering college was established in the academic year 1997-98.  The college is approved by AICTE, Govt of AP and affiliated to JNTU.  The college has six B Tech Degree Courses with an annual intake of 480 students.  The details of approved courses are :
Sl No Course ( B Tech) Sanctioned Intake
1 Chemical Engineering (CHE) 60
2 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 120
3 Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) 120
4 Electrical & electronics Engineering (EEE) 60
5 Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) 60
6 Information Technology (IT) 60



The engineering college is eight years old.  Already five batches have graduated from this college.  the Vidyapeet demarcated 6.34 acres of land exclusively for engineering college and constructed four storied buildings of South Block and North Block for academic purpose and West Block for accommodating Administration, Academic Branch, Library, Seminar Hall, Board Room and other common purposes.  An Open Air Theatre, Car and Mobike Parking, Cafeteria and Indoor and Outdoor games facilities have also been constructed.  The college is functioning in Vinaynagar campus.

e.  Bojjam Narasimulu Pharmacy College for Women (Diploma): The Pharmacy College (Diploma) was established in 2004.  It was approved by AICTE, Govt of AP and affiliated to State Board of Technical Education & Training, Andhra Pradesh with an annual intake of 60 students and now the total strength is 120.

So far, the efforts of the members of the society have been to make the Sangam Laxmibai Vidyapeeth an educational center of excellence for girls and women.


2003, Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women
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